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Multitasking Money - Part 2 - Multitasking

June 15, 20232 min read

By Alan J. Mendlowitz, RICP, CRES

Taken from Alan's Financial Website:

“Joe can't walk and chew gum at the same time”

- President Lyndon Johnson


“Joe can't walk and chew gum at the same time” is the censored version of what President Lyndon Johnson once said of then Congressman Gerald Ford. The original, obviously said in private conversation, which was attested to by John Kenneth Galbraith was “can’t fart and chew gum at the same time.” This is thought to be an old expression that was common in Johnson’s home state of Texas. In any case, by the time Ford became president after Richard Nixon’s resignation, the phrase had been laundered to its present form. The expression had nothing to do with Ford’s infamous fall because that would have been an indication of clumsiness and not stupidity. However, Chevy Chase’s famous 1970s ‘Saturday Night Live’ spoof of Ford made him out to be both clumsy and stupid. (Courtesy of

Multitasking is a hot topic these days. We are constantly told that we need to do more than one thing at a time to be productive. But does multitasking actually help? Does Multitasking apply to finance and investing?

Multitasking has been around for centuries, but it wasn't until the early 1900s that it began to be used with computers. Computers have always been good at multitasking. They can handle multiple tasks at the same time without getting overwhelmed. This makes them perfect for multitasking environments like offices and classrooms. But what about humans? What about Money?

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The Solution or The Problem?


Solution – Option A


Solution – Option B


Multitasking Money?


Imagine there was a solution which allows you to put away more money, be able to access it as needed and not worry about market volatility! Talk about making your money multitask while you only single task! What are you waiting for? To learn more about how you can make your money multitask, continue reading.

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